Online Money Making Techniques

6.7.2013 Daniel Jaramillo

1- The Farmer Technique

We already know what a farmer is, and when we hear the word farmer we think of hard and steady work. When a farmer plants a seed, he chooses the best place to plant it, waters it and takes care of it without any returns up until the harvest. And then he reaps what he sows.

So, what is this farmer technique?

• Just like farmers, the online farmers constantly put in hard work and effort and make their money after a while, instead of immediately. Just as a farmer does.

• There are free, non-paid methods to do this , so there is no problems of capital and no risk (zero) and absolutely no fear of loss.

So how is it applied, how do we go about it?

• First of all w choose a field in which we want to work in and then we open up a blog according to this and make the necessary changes to this blog.

• We choose a topic (The most profitable of which being “Affiliate” and “Network Marketing”) and we research this topic.

• We add content, regarding this topic, to this site everyday and we write promotional articles on the products that we are an Affiliate of. Then we place links to the product we are an Affiliate of. In appropriate places in the article.

• We will aim at being found at the top of search results by using various SEO techniques and using keywords in Google searches.

• We publish our articles on various forums and social networks.

• After all this, we wait for our seeds to hold and flourish.

• But of course we don’t just sit around during this waiting period, we keep writing new articles everyday and add them to our blog. Because the more seeds we plant, the more we get.

So When Will I Start Making Money?

If you have done everything according to plan and you have aimed at a long term business then you should start making money after the third month. But of course this depends on your work, it could be a month shorter or longer.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

You don’t pay for anything,  so there is no capital necessary. Plus your earnings stabilize and in fact increase over time, even if you don’t get involved with your blog for a while you will keep on earning money.

It only has one disadvantage and that is that it takes time to pick the fruits of your labor. But ig you are willing to take the risk, there are faster methods to this that I have written about in my article: “Online Money Making Techniques

Good Luck

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