3D game development platforms

24.2.2014 Rezman Mirsom

Online gaming development takes place on a number of platforms, both software and hardware. These platforms offer ways and means to develop games, by presenting tools, drivers, SDKs or software devlopment kits including development guides and tutorials. Let us now look at some of these platforms.

InSignal's Arndale Octaboard comes with quad core configurations. It can give fantastic graphics results if you are properly guided through the course of development. This is only one such platform, but there are a number of communities that offer the best of tutorials and guides to develop games.

Even as most of the games now using only 3D for optimal performance, these communities, also known as forums are formed by gathering some likeminded game artists, who are either professionals or try to get themselves interested in the field and land up as game developers.

One such game development community is Polycount, with very active members, with plenty of knowledge to offer in helping develop games. Apart from organizing games for the latest development tools, competitions for various game development features, the PolyCount website is updated regularly with articles giving information about newer game development tools.

Game Artisans is another forum with a section devoted for Portfolios. It offers a number of tools and tutorials. You can also try out CG Hub, which is not game art-specific but a wonderful game digital art forum that features users work and thus encourages them towards game development.

By far CG Hub is the largest forum of game developers, though it is not a specialized one like Polycount or Game Artisans, which puts it at a disadvantage as far as providing specific information and instructions.

These are only a few developers, but when you start exploring there is much to be found provided that you're able to devote time for this purpose. Making 3D games requires hand-down experimenting; therefore, why not start developing yourself ?

 There are a number of tools which helps you to indulge in developing. These include, Marmoset Toolbag, which a real-time rendering engine, while UDK is based on Unreal Game, which helps you watch your models take shape and texture being added as per your designs.

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