A brief guide to Computer Security

31.12.2013 Benjamin Gubler
The use of computers has spread throughout the world since their inception. Computers have made individuals’ lives easier as they can perform a number of tasks without getting tired. To businesses, they have increased efficiency in their business operations. With the many advantages they have, a major problem arises when it comes to security. If not well secured, information stored in computers can be accessed by malicious people.

Computer security can be defined as the measures taken by computer owners and businesses to secure the data stored on their computers. Such data is made accessible to authorized persons only. Data is secured using passwords or encryption. Passwords or access codes are secret words and numbers that are assigned to users to authorize their access to data stored in computers.

Data encryption is another way used to secure computer data. Encryption is the conversion of the data into a format that cannot be easily understood. The data can only be converted back by a deciphering mechanism.

Computer security experts recommend that data stored in computers should be backed up for security reasons. For instance with the widespread use of the Internet, data can be backed up online. This safeguards data in case of physical damage to computers.

Threats to computers can also arise from the Internet. It is essential to install security software such as antivirus software in your computer to protect it from malicious online content. Also do not open any links that you are unfamiliar with on the Internet as it could lead to unauthorized access to the data on your computer.

Be aware of computer hackers and learn to protect your data from being hacked. This can be done through encryption and installation of specific anti-hack software. When you suspect your device is being hacked, it is advisable you switch it off.

Computer security works to ensure that your information is safe. Computer security also ensures your computer is not destroyed by malicious software. All these measure may be in place but it is also important for owners to make sure they are functional.

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