A Confession About Nexus 7 From Google

6.7.2013 Benjamin Gubler

An important confession has come from Google :“ We accept, we are too late about it ”

Eric Schmidt CEO of  Google has confessed that  they are late to join tablet PC marketing.  Schmidt told that they have been activating 1.3 million Android in a day and he added that they are aiming to over the this number.

Althought Schmidt confessed that they couldnt make an impressive entrance to the tablet marketing, He didnt hesitate to say that they have passed their oppenents in a short time: “If we look at the figures  at the moment, we are one more step in front of our oppenents, 32 percent of users are using Iphone and 52 percent of users are prefering to use Android ”

If we compare with biggest oppenent Ipad; Google’s first tablet Motorola Xoom  has been released  one year later than  Ipad, and it caused  Ipad to stay alone in the marketing.  But after that Google provide that Google could share marketing with Ipad with its tablet Nexus 7 such a alternative to Ipad

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