A Desire to be Optimistic about the Latest News from Google? Check! (Page 1)

6.7.2013 Roberto Arduous

Amir Efrati and Ethan Smith, of the Walla Street Journal, are reporting that Google is working on a new system that is designed to stream music – and, eventually maybe even videos and other media – around specific areas like homes and offices. Their story doesn’t have much in the way of detail, but does say that Google’s brainchild might be akin to a lower-cost version of Sonos’s excellent-but-pricey music-streaming products.

We still need a lot of info on the subject to verify any claims and there is a plethora of ways we can respond to this sketchy tidbit of information. One way has us wondering why Google, which says it wants to keep focused on fewer, more important products, cares about the relatively mature market that Sonos has already pioneered.

Another is to respond in the way that Business Insider’s Matt Rosoff would, and already has done and that’s to point out that Google has no track record of designing, selling and supporting successful consumer devices. (Rosoff, despite what appears to be a total lack of knowledge as to what’s going on at Google and not knowing anymore about Google’s plans than you or I do, has already decided that Google’s new product will be “a total disaster.”)

You might also be concerned, as I am, that Google is being dragged into consumer electronics simply out of an obsessive desire to take on Apple rather, not because it’s good at it actually is good at it or wants to be.

To summarize: it’s easy to be skeptical about the scuttlebutt, and tougher to be optimistic. But let’s try.

Google performs at a top notch quality and pace when it is true to its promise. And it certainly isn’t  “Don’t be evil.”, we’re talking about the other one: “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Its namesake search engine, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth–they’re all about organizing and providing fast access to important information.

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