A Desire to be Optimistic about the Latest News from Google? Check! (Page 2)

6.7.2013 Roberto Arduous

It sounds mundane that Google-branded streaming hardware is to go anywhere; Google figuring out how to organize music as well as it organizes the web, e-mail and geography has more potential. We may have a huge stack of apps to trawl through (a discombobulating amount), services and technologies to help us do that–from iTunes to Spotify to Airplay to Pandora–but it’s not unthinkable that Google could come up with something that’s both new and transcendently wonderful.

But it you look at the bigger picture, you can see that Google is already trying to organize music. Google Music, as a result is just a bit off OK when compared to Amazon and it resembles what Amazon is doing with its MP3 Store and Cloud Player, but less slick. Even if Google Music somehow fits into Google’s new hardware system, it’ll have to add something much more revolutionary in the way of software and/or services to make the set worth remembering.

And even revolutionizing the field won’t be sufficient.  Google TV has been such a disappointment to date that the world has forgotten that it’s a wildly ambitious product: It tries to neatly sort thousands of messy hours of TV programming, plus even more video from the web, into something that’s as easy to use as Google’s search engine. The goal is noble; it’s just that Google hasn’t come anywhere near achieving it yet.

What if this great-thought -but-yet-to-see streaming system by Google isn’t grouped with some sort of landmark music-organizing service? Maybe the company is just trying to build a bridge between Android phones and home-entertainment devices–one akin to Apple’s Airplay, which lets iOS devices beam music and video to a TV connected to an Apple TV box. You can use DLNA to accomplish Airplay-like feats with an Android phone, but the user interface isn’t so hot. If all Google does is make Android streaming as easy as Airplay, it’ll have accomplished something.

My highest hope is that when they actually roll it out, it’ll be immediately clear why Google is doing this–whatever it is that Google turns out to be doing.

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