A Look at the Connection between E-Commerce and Delivery Systems

30.1.2014 Nicky Herak
E-commerce mainly entails the purchase and sale of products and/or services via the Internet. It has attracted the use of various technological platforms such as Internet marketing, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, automated data collection systems, online transaction processing, mobile commerce, electronic data interchange (EDI) as well as inventory management systems. EBay and Amazon are two of the most popular and oldest web-based e-commerce platforms.

The trend has however caught up resulting in more e-commerce platforms being created and social media also being used for the same. The bottom line in e-commerce is gaining a wide audience reach in a bid to increase sales.

Delivery systems on the other hand are the means adopted to ensure that a product or service are conveyed to a customer. Courier services have been used to deliver products and services to customers since the inception of e-commerce. With the adoption of e-commerce and increase of customers comes the challenge of meeting individual customer demands.

Product and service delivery is integral to the success of any e-commerce venture as it would be baseless to conduct a business online without the product or service on sale reaching the customer. This would essentially make the whole concept of e-commerce incomplete. As such, a business; whether conducted electronically or in the traditional form can only be complete with the delivery of a product or service and satisfaction on the part of both the customer and the seller.

Electronic commerce is the core of business growth and thus a necessity for small, medium and large businesses and corporations. The success of any e-commerce venture is however dependent on the delivery system, adopted with a poor delivery system, resulting in the failure of an e-commerce venture with the reverse being true.

Online marketing was actually developed to provide individuals with convenience while easing the pressure that comes with traditional shopping. Thus, to make e-commerce successful, it is mandatory for business people to put into consideration how their products and services will reach the end user.

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