A look at the latest in E-Banking technologies

8.1.2014 Nicky Herak
E-banking is a technological advancement that is fast taking root as the way in which people can have complete efficiency and luxury when they are handling their banking needs. In this wavelength, many developments are needed to ensure that the process runs smoothly and in the right frequency so that the client is given a flawless service that satisfies their needs and hence maintain a complete trust and operational capacity.

1. Server virtualization

This is the technology which is at the very top of the list and it represents a major platform of the online banking sector. Server virtualization is a concept which has been structured to make sure that people are able to have their information safe and hence access it at any given time without too much hassle.

2. Cloud computing

This is another concept that has been structured to achieve consistency and efficiency in operation. In this setting, individuals are offered a platform through which they can be able to access information and have a complete lay down of all of their account transactions. Cloud computing has also ensured that the capacity to handle clients is increased to a point that people can still boast of efficiency and fast operations even with increased traffic.

3. Biometric password for mobile devices

The people in the e-banking platform have been given a new lease of life with this technology and this is because it increases security of the account. In the future people might be able to do their banking through their smart phones handsets that feature biometric fingerprint password identification, such as the iPhone 5S.

4. The Sign-on platform

This is a smartly constructed technological set up which ensures that users of the e-banking set up can handle their business accounts with ease. This is achieved through a one-time signing in through which all the transactions can be done.

5. Responsive mobile banking website

Banks are adapting to the new era of handling business and this has been facilitated by responsive mobile banking websites which is a technological service that ensures that people are be able to tag a link from their mobile handsets and set it with their online accounts.

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