A look at the numbers of Internet users in East Africa

25.11.2013 Rezman Mirsom

The number of Internet users in East Africa has been massively rising in the recent past and this can be largely attributed to the fact that many people have been exposed to the knowledge of IT and the benefits that people stand to benefit in being associated with the same. People have gained widespread interest in being on the developmental bandwagon that has been brought about by the Internet and this can be able to explain the increase in the Internet usage numbers.

Kenya has been able to register a Tele-density of 78%, Uganda a Tele-density of 52% and Tanzania a Tele-density of 61% in 2013. These numbers represent the level of traffic that each country is able to experience when the Internet requirements are met. These numbers indicate a sharp increase from the previous years and it shows the leap that people are taking towards staying in the know on what is developing in East Africa and around the world at large. Interest in the Internet has been gradual in the past but with the move from analog to digital transmission, the number has risen sharply with people trying their best to understand and get on the right side of the development tracks.

Tanzania has recorded 5.5 million users of the Internet, Uganda with 4.8 million and Kenya with 16.23 million. This shows the extent of the path to Internet development and the eventual fact that people have embraced the new state of data and information acquisition. Internet businesses are being set up daily and Internet marketing is taking a new turn for the best which means that people stand to gain more not only personally but as the East Africa community. Sharing of ideas and information has also been responsible for the sharp increase in the people who are able to utilize the Internet for their specific purposes and this means that people have more confidence in themselves to achieve the minimum goal of being right at the top with the developed countries in terms of being connected and competent with information at hand.

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