A look through the numbers of E-commerce growth in Africa

9.12.2013 Nicky Herak

E-commerce in Africa has been the opening that many people needed both in business and knowledge acquisition. Most E-commerce development has taken part in South Africa, Egypt and Morocco and though it is widely spreading like wildfire, it has yet to be fully embraced by the local economy countries. As E-commerce was highly advocated for in the Millennium Development Goals in the forum for African Development that was held in Rwanda in 2007, many countries have moved forward and embraced online business as the new way in which they can maximize on the aspects of expanding businesses and in turn reaching out more to clients.

E-commerce covers the development, and marketing of businesses on the online platform and this is what many countries have understood and looked to take advantage of. Online banking is also a factor that is under the operational capacity of E-commerce and services like M-PESA which continues to flourish in Kenya are a testament to the revolution of E-commerce. Over 13.5 million people now use the M-PESA service in Kenya which is a big leap in the process of E-commerce. East African countries have been at the forefront of regional integration and this has led to more than 63 million people in East Africa embracing IT and Internet marketing.

South Africa is the largest player in E-commerce and over 31 million people have made an impact on the platform. This is a direct message to people that business is a major player in the developmental aspect of the specific countries and it also represents a big part of what people should move towards. Shopping platforms like Amazon.com are a representation of the power that E-commerce has in making life a worthy, easy and fun aspect to maximize on. As the digital world continues to take root in Africa, and the Internet continues to reach even the small villages in the specific countries, there is no limit for the growth of the E-commerce platform.

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