A review of the countermeasures used to avoid cyber attacks

17.12.2013 Magdalena Gauci
As times continue to change and the digital world continues spinning, the increase in cyber attacks drives the development of the anti-cyber attack industry to curb the threats and contain the same. The very first measure, digital certificates, makes sure that people are protected from third party interactions which are illegal. Digital Certificates work on the principle that the network of communication is supposed to be a secure line thus protecting the line of communication and ensure that the data that is transferred is kept in a secure state.

Virus Scanners are threat protection mechanisms that protect against viruses and other Trojan horse software. Sent mails and data should be scanned by virus scanners for any malicious software that can affect the computer or transaction network and hence leak information. Downloaded information and data also carry a threat and this is why scanning is important. Attachments that are communicated to the devices should also be scanned to avoid a scenario whereby a window of vulnerability can be exploited.

Class 3 Readers are card readers that improve the security and they also prevent overriding of the security measures. It prevents any software other than the authorized software in the digital certificates to perform a transaction and this means that people can rest assured knowing that they have their account locked if they are not using it. The safety measures of these counter processes reduce vulnerability and eliminate the possibility of cyber attacks on the online accounts that people run which in turn enhance a safe operation and a comfort zone that is unrivalled. The measures also protect the millions users of online banking platform and represent the extent of good technology in action.

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