Advantages of Cloud Computing

6.12.2013 Benjamin Gubler
Cloud computing is a modern way of offering business solutions to companies without the need to manage both the software and the hardware as all necessary software services are offered through the Internet. Many companies have opted for this mode of doing business, but what exactly are the advantages of cloud computing?

Cloud computing lowers the cost and initial investment because companies are required to pay for the services they are getting unlike in the past where companies were forced to incur the whole cost of the setup from buying software, installation, maintenance and the cost of buying the hard ware to run this set up. In cloud computing a company is required to have computers and Internet connection the other services will be provided by the service provider.

Companies have the flexibility to either scale up or down according to their needs. If the company operation expands they will just ask the service provider to scale up their services without having to incur extra cost of buying more hardware. Here the service provider will only increase the charges as per the services offered.

Management is made easier because the worries of storage and the proper functioning of servers are left to the service provider. The company's IT department is left with the management of production and performance of the hardware systems only, the rest is taken care of by the service provider.

Companies that use cloud computing are at an advantage because they can do their business anywhere provided there is an Internet connection. This helps them to do their business in a more flexible manner which in return converts to better returns at the end in terms of profits.

People who have always wanted to start companies but have feared the startup costs are now at an advantage because most of that cost has been eliminated by cloud computing. Of essence is to get in touch with a reliable service provider for their computing services and they can start their business at a reduced cost.

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