Advantages of iOS

7.11.2013 Nicky Herak
iOS is an abbreviation to iPhone Operating System. This is an operating system designed for all iPhones. It was invented in 2007 specifically for iPhones but was improved and can now be used in iPads and iPod Touch. This is a product of Apple Inc. Unlike the Windows operating system and Android operating system, iOS can only be installed in Apple products. Users of Apple products using iOS have expressed satisfaction due to its numerous advantages.

This operating system is available in 32 languages. This suites users from different parts of the world. It is easy and efficient to operate the devices in a language you understand.

Users of iOS are impressed because of the numerous applications available for the operating system. The phrase “there is an applications for that” is a common marketing slogs that was used in selling Apple products. Most of the applications are downloaded free of charge.

To application developer, iOS applications are easy to develop since Apple has a small number of size mix for its devices. It has 4 sizes; that is, 3.5”, 4”, 7.9” and 9.7”. Each of these devices runs on its own type of iOS which the application developers are contended with. For this reason, most of those using Apple products run the latest applications and software in their devices.

For those who like mobile phone games, iOS supports full 2D display compared to Android operating system. One user writes that there are several game frameworks on iOS. iOS is compatible with almost all games unlike the Android operating system which has insufficient graphics. According to an iOS application developer, the game framework in iOS is mature.

The iOS camera interface is the most outstanding feature about this operating system. It is easy to use as you can switch from one camera mode to another by just swiping. The camera resolution is also high. This is another reason why customers like Apple products over android.

iOS devices are regarded as pocket computers due to the wide range of functions they perform. Their operating speed is also high.

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