Affiliate Marketing - Making money online

20.12.2013 Magdalena Gauci
Affiliate Marketing is one of the popular methods of earning online which has been implemented and being implemented by a wide range of website owners and bloggers. It is a kind of advertising wherein one needs to promote products and services through one’s websites or blogs and in return get paid from the companies whose products and services are being advertised.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

There are three types of affiliate marketing. The first and foremost which is the most popular marketing scheme is the one in which one will get paid only when a customer purchases the products or the services through the affiliate link in one’s websites or blogs. Another type of affiliate marketing is getting paid when the viewers click the affiliate link and fill up forms or sign up in the redirected website. The third kind of affiliate marketing is getting paid when the affiliate link is clicked and the user visits the website of the advertiser. However, there is less of a scope of the second and third kinds of affiliate marketing and one gets paid more in the first kind of affiliate marketing.

Anyone who has websites or blogs can start affiliate marketing. One just needs to sign up and choose the product to advertise. Choosing product is an important decision since the sales of it will determine the commission. After choosing the product, one needs to click on promote and then the affiliate link will be available which can be put in the concerned website or blog.

There are various online advertising companies that monitor, administer and track various opportunities and act as third parties in linking website owners and advertisers. The advantage is payment in this mode is assured since they are usually strict in their payment policies. But in certain cases, one needs to buy and use the product. This is a very good source of income if it draws many viewers and if there are many number of affiliate programs linked with the website/blog. So, making money is now easier, you just need to advertise products of other companies.

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