Aligning IT with Business

23.5.2014 Fabian Rendon

Managing business becomes easier when IT has been aligned with Business. The objective of any business organization is achieved speedily and efficiently when communication and information technologies are applied to business. IT can help business achieve competitiveness in the market, through better performance.

While defining the relationship between IT and business some researchers focus on the business value that IT can create, while others stress on the harmony that IT can bring about between business decision makers and IT professionals within the organization. When IT is aligned with business, it varies in the fact that it can resolve skills gaps among professionals in an organization, who due to some factors may find it difficult to integrate.

Such a gap can bear costs to a the business, which due to the internal squabbling cannot bring in proper return on investments. It is now realized that when IT aligned to business, the results and coordination will be better. IT aligned to business can enrich business by integrating the mission, strategy with the organizational goals.

There are a number of ways in which this is achieved. By viewing IT as a tool for business transformation, by giving services to the customers using IT as an important facet both at the internal and external levels, business can flourish. Next, business should rotate the manpower between different departments, giving them new functional independence.

With these, the business organization must also provide clear guidelines for achieving specific goals to both IT and other professionals in the organization. More importantly IT aligned with business will enable the employees to understand how the company is making profits or incurring losses. This will mean that money is not spent on unproductive things and if IT is not bringing in the desired results, then it will be given a lower priority.

IT aligned with business can produce results only when business has a vibrant company culture which does not differentiate from person to person.

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