An Agency of the UN, how the ITU Coordinates with its parent organization

10.4.2014 Nicky Herak
The International Telecommunication Union, originally called the International Telegraph Union, is an international agency under the United Nations. The Union is responsible for managing all the international concerns surrounding communication and information technologies. It is the ITU that coordinates the global usage of the radio-frequency spectrum.

The Union also promotes global cooperation in the assignment of satellite orbits. It is also engaged with the mission for improving telecommunication infrastructure in developing countries. The ITU performs all these functions under the control of the United Nations.

The ITU supports in the development and coordination of global technical standards in telecommunication. As one of the specialized agencies under the UN, the ITU is an autonomous organization. The UN and the ITU coordinate with each other through the coordinating system of the Economic and Social Council. Both the organizations were integrated into the United Nations system through an agreement under the Article 57 of the UN Charter.

The ITU is also responsible for organizing global and regional forums and exhibitions like the ITU TELECOM WORLD. These events bring together the governments and the representatives of the ICT and telecommunications industry on the same platform for exchanging their concepts, knowledge and technology.

The Union is actively engaged in the fields of latest wireless technologies, broadband Internet, Internet access, aeronautical and maritime navigation, satellite based meteorology, radio astronomy, data and voice, fixed-mobile phone, next-gen networks and TV broadcasting.

The ITU is a unique UN agency as it has membership from both the public and private sectors. Besides the 193 Member Countries, the ITU also has ICT regulators as its members. Other members include over 700 private enterprises and the top academic institutions from around the world. In a world that is increasingly becoming interconnected through telecommunications, ITU is the only international organization under the UN that is bringing together all the players in an ever-growing vast and complicated network.

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