An assessment of the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 (Page 3)

6.7.2013 Magdalena Gauci

Lets take a quick short tour around the device and afterwards we will discuss how the tablet actually functions. Let us start from the back, you will find that 8-megapixel auto-focusing camera, paired with a 1.2-megapixel one on the front. If youre looking for the power / lock button, youll find it on the top landscape edge, leaving it easy to press even when the tablets nestled in its keyboard dock. The volume rocker and micro-HDMI socket sit on the upper left side (assuming youre holding the thing in landscape), with a microSD slot located further down on that left edge. At the right side, theres nothing but the essential 3.5mm headphone / mic jack. The one that connects to the optional keyboard dock is at the bottom edge --this place houses three connectors, this includes the 40-pin charging slot that works with the AC adapter that is included.

Within the inside, the device is holds all the typical sensors and radios, this includes Bluetooth 3.0, a gyroscope, e-compass, aGPS, a G-sensor and an ambient light sensor, this is with either 16GB or 32GB of internal storage. And for those who were thinking the answer is no, we didnt come across any problems with WiFi or GPS, the way some Prime owners encounter problems. Although we can admit that these are the type of problems actual owners may encounter after a long period of time of usage.

Display and sound

This new, updated version of the Prime has a pixel count of 1280x800. This was also the case for the Prime that had come before it and actually every other 10 inch tablet that is on the market. Although the difference, is that while the original Prime has a 600-nit Super IPS display, the TF300 has a brightness level of 350 nits and is "merely" IPS. (We know, right?!) If youre working outside, with the tablet plugged into the keyboard dock, that drop in brightness shouldnt bother you, though if youre parked outdoors you might find the viewing angles are skinnier than what you would otherwise get on the Prime. Even so, if you put your brightness up really high, you should not have much of an issue looking at your emails when you’re on the run or when you are editing photos in the camera application.

And if you dont buy the dock in the end, it is really becomes effortless watching a movier while the tablets laying flat on a table in front of you. (Keep in mind, though, that the speaker is positioned on the back side, which means the tablets otherwise loud, balanced audio will sound blurry if you rest the thing face-up.) But ultimately the only disadvantage appears to be that this 350-nit panel does not perform as good as a job as the countering sun glare which is 600-nit.

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