Android and game development

14.11.2013 Simon Bradley
Android operating system is based on an open source platform which allows private developers to develop application and games without limitation. This has made it possible for people to embrace it in a big way. Both developers and users alike love this platform due to its flexibility and user friendly nature.

Although Android is an open source platform the fact that it is based on Java programming language makes it even more attractive for developers because Java is very common amongst all developers. This makes it easy for them to develop games using Android.
Many developers are making a living by selling games that they have developed. Many smart phones and tablets are using this platform thus making it a popular choice for game developers because they are sure of a market if they develop quality games. People on the other hand have a great love for those devices; you will see people playing different games on them.

Today unlike some past years people can be able to play different kind of games on their smart phones using the Android operating system. These games include adventure, sports, puzzle and all kind of games. This is in contrast with a few years back when the only game on phone was snake.
Android Operating system is so versatile that it is possible to play games in 3D. This is to the fact that these devices have very high processing capabilities. Using this platform, playing online games is enhanced, people can play a game against themselves unlike playing against the system which is easy to master the moves that the system makes and the game becomes boring with time.

Google's Android SDK offers a lot of support to developers by offering them Android games development tools that enables them to develop games that are error and bug free to be enjoyed by clients worldwide. With a deep knowledge of creating games like 3D and 2D graphics and good sound effects developers are able to create games with a high performance level and an excellent display.

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