Apache Wave, the successor to Google Wave

1.4.2014 Rezman Mirsom
For online editing on a real-time basis that allows sharing, Apache Wave was developed. Originally it was known as Google Wave, released in 2009. After a year of serving people with a platform on the web for communications through email, social networking, instant messaging etc., Google Wave which was a stand-alone platform was discontinued.

It was announced that from January 2012 the Google Wave platform would become read-only. In April of that year all Waves were deleted, and the Apache Software Foundation took over. Apache then became a server based “Wave in a box”.

As open source software provided by the world's leading Internet search engine, Google Wave, received tremendous amount of media attention for its possible uses and design, but eventually in 2010 the software was suspended due to “lack of public interest”.

This development may be attributed to the fact that the interface on the application was complicated, even as it resembled email in many ways as well as having instant messaging features. Wiki-lke aspects were a part of the service, with all mentioned capabilities rolled into one, but doing not much better than the other such sources. There is spceulation that the service was shut down due to an intention to develop and promote Google+, at that time unannounced and a direct competitior to Facebook.

The Apache Software Foundation, the organization that brought the public the free and widely used Apache HTTP Server, took over Google Wave renaming it to Apache Wave. In December 2010, the developers blog of Google Wave announced this change.

Apache Foundation created a proposal page, detailing the goals of the project, and now, Wave in a Box server implements Apache Wave, with two demo servers. Written in Java, with the help of OpenJDK, Google Wave offered a new platform for communications. Though it resembles other email platforms, the difference is that instead of transferring the whole thread of earlier messages or storing all replies in inbox of user, documents of messages are stored on a central server, which is a feature that "Wave In A Box" also adopts.

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