Apprenda employs JBOSS to improve Java

18.11.2014 Roberto Arduous

The company Apprenda has its bearings as a Microsoft .NET-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) business for enterprises. When it added Java support, which gave it another bonus for enterprise shops — most of which run on both Java and Windows apps.

The company has now upped the bets by making additional support for the popular JBoss and Apache Tomcat web servers available, which means even better support for a myriad Java applications, as was stated by Sinclair Schuller, CEO of Apprenda.

Schuller went on to claim that “JBoss is used for some really mission-critical enterprise apps — internal and external-facing, so this addition means that we now offer more first-class support for more mission-critical apps than any other vendor,”

The support of JBoss also means that Apprenda will be put into more direct competition with JBoss parent company Red Hat, which is launching its OpenShift PaaS. Another rival in the private PaaS battle is the Pivotal CF execution of Cloud Foundry.  Private PaaSes run on a company’s internal infrastructure or private cloud, whereas public PaaSes run on public, shared infrastructure such as Amazon Web services. 

Apprenda 5.5’s release gives users a dashboard for managing Java and .Net applications configured to deploy on JBoss all in the one place. Added support for Oracle Java Management Extensions (JMX) means developers can monitor Java application instances from their dashboard as well as all of the other executive functions the platform already boasts.

PaaS has been an almost native market with CloudBees, a Java-focused PaaS, bowing out of that business to focus on Jenkins-based continuous launches; fields two PaaSes in and Heroku, which it is trying to patch.

Indeed some market watchers argue that the advent of container Technologies - especially Docker - which enable developers to build an application in just one go and release it in many environments, make a full-featured PaaS too much to be necessary for many tasks. This is a disputable argument and I’m sure the benefits of such platforms will be deemed necessary as the days go on.

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