Apps being developed in Kenya

14.11.2013 Benjamin Gubler
Kenya is one of the countries in the world that keeps at par with the development and advances in technology. Each and every day there is an increase in number of competitive developers who publish applications.

The Kenyan government has been involved in making sure there are facilities including labs which aim at encourage more innovation in the country. As for year 2013 there are a number of trending applications that have been developed locally.

Not only has development of applications benefited the customers, but the IT industry has created employment for thousands of innovative minds.

The following are some of the apps that have developed by Kenyans:

It is an application developed by David Kirui. Through this application one can buy data bundles and even airtime, one can also check on their credit balance. Big companies like Safaricom, MTN and Vodacom have shown huge interest in the application.

This is another application created by Joshua Mankone. This app allows its users to receive updates from other online applications and services, for example Yahoo Mail.

African Flags
This is an interesting application developed by Paul Kirugu Chege. This app allows the viewer to see different flags of different nations in Africa and the history behind these flags.

Tour Africa
It was developed by a young Kenyan by the name Ndiangui Kinyagi. This application provides information about countries in Africa for instance cities, major attraction sites, weather updates, best hotels and restaurants to visit and even provides information about the currency rates.

This application was developed so that it can enable doctors and medical workers to plan and organize appointments with their patients. This application was developed by yet another Kenyan, Gideon Kyalo.

It was initially created for small scale farmers. The application allows farmers to get information about export companies. It also provides data base in which farmers can compare the prices provided by different companies, for their products. This application has been proven useful by many farmers. It was developed by a young Kenyan lady by the name of Joy Nyamai.

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