Backup Mediums

9.1.2014 Benjamin Gubler

There are many devices that can be used make backups of computers or servers. Every type of device has its technical pros and cons. Most people make backups in external hard drives, USB flash disks, local hard drives, Google Drive, Sky Drive and DVDs.

Let us take a look at each of these mediums.

External Hard Drive

External hard drive can connect to your computer through a USB port. People use these devices to save official and personal data. The external hard disks are kept mostly within bags as they can be instantly connected whenever access to the data is required; you can also keep the backup of your computer with this external hard drive. Simply make a zip or any other archive type of file of your data and save it on your external hard drive. Backup programs automate the whole process and once configured can perform a backup with a single click, as well as offering scheduling faetures.

USB Flash Disk

People also use USB flash disks for keeping their personal and official data, the difference between USB flash disks and USB hard disks is that flash disks use solid state memory whereas external hard disks are often electromechanical drives. Unless used between computers with anti-malware software installed, flash disks are more prone to viruses as they very portable and used to exchange data between different desktop systems.

Local Hard Drive

Mostly people who cannot afford any USB and external hard drive those people make the zip file of the data on the computer and save the data in other partitions of the local hard drive on the same computer, which they are using currently.  

Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive

Google Drive and Sky Drive have become very famous worldwide and people are getting the benefits of the free space provided by Google and Microsoft. This is the cheapest way to save the data on the Internet and is very secure and reliable. If you keep within the storage quotas you do not need to pay anything to Google Drive and Sky Drive.


Some people make backup of the computer on DVDs. They make the zip files of the data and write that zip file into the DVDs therefore, whenever they need the file they take out from the DVDs.

The above options are what are mostly used for making backups of data of home computers and laptops, big organizations may use different backup methods.

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