Belkin says home-hubs for smart homes are not necessary

6.11.2014 Julian Blazek

Smart home hubs have become very popular and there are more than 10 of them on the market. The prices start from $50 for the Wink sold all the way up to the $390 Revolv home hub.

These boxes are based around the idea that all of the smart gadgets on the market necessitate some type of centralized control center inside the home.

But Belkin doesn’t agree; The company, which manufactured a smart box for the Staples Connect Project as part of a deal in which Cisco cannot do the same.

Belkin looks at a hub as both a major cost of entry into the smart home idea that would push customers away, and also a confusing new item to set up in peoples homes which will require tinkering as eash new smart item is added to the home.

Instead of smart hubs, Belkin is opting to use Wi-Fi to control its connected outlets, cameras and other smart home devices and this is way more efficient and probably will be the most efficient until WiFi running at 802.11ah will hit the market in the future.

When the smart home hub becomes a mainstream device, we can expect smart home hubs to be incorporated in routers and modems from Belkin and other companies who are producing smart devices.

For those who are interesting in getting a smart home hub here and now without actually setting up a new device can do so by setting up through IFTTT or other services. As part of this effort to curate the smart home there are plans to continue integrating WeMo into homeware items like the internet enabled slow cooker. A connected Mr. Coffee coffee maker is expected to hit the market soon as Belkin has signed deals with the brands CrockPot and Mr. Coffee.


This is a good move by Belkin, who seem to be aiming at providing more services per device instead of Rolling out devices for every necessity that arises, we hope that this inspires other big tech companies to do the same and save us from the torture of setting up new devices.

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