Benefits of using Google Maps

19.11.2013 Nicky Herak
What are Google maps?

Google maps basically refers to a web mapping technology and application offered by Google for the sole purpose of powering numerous map based services. This application is instrumental in enabling users to view maps, locations and find directions of interest. Google Maps is unique in the sense that it enables individuals to view maps of streets, routes as well as ascertain modes of transports in a given area. As such, Google maps have made it quite simple and convenient to travel to places you are new to.

Google maps have the following advantages:

View of maps

One of the advantages of Google maps is the types of maps views it offers. There are three types of map views. The first one is the normal map view, and then the satellite image view and a terrain view. The map view will depend on the user.

Various destinations

Google maps offer multiple views of new destinations and the routes with just a click. Therefore if a user needs more than one stops, Google maps is up for the task. Another advantage of the Google maps is that it is free of charge. What one needs to do is to type a place on the search engine and the results will appear according to popularity.

Google maps have also an option for image search, article searches or any document. Google maps is faster and very reliable, this is because it comes with its own dictionary, a calculator and a section to check spellings.

The user has the ability to zoom the map in order to get a proper view of a location. Google maps users have the ability to choose the type of travel for instance travelling by bus, in order to get proper directions. Anyone can use Google maps anywhere whether one is using a mobile device or a PC. Therefore it is really a good device to have if one is travelling and needs to get directions urgently. The last advantage of Google maps is the simplicity in that it is not complicated and does not confuse the user.

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