Bing launches new Smart Search Page Preview Tool

26.11.2013 Benjamin Gubler
Bing has launched a new feature in the Webmaster Tools to let users manage their Smart Search Previews. The Page Preview tool allows webmasters to manage their page previews. You can use it for requesting a part of the page preview image from search results and also a refresh of the latest page preview image.

The Smart Search feature arranges search results in a neat and graphic manner, delivering high quality answers for the leading queries along with page preview images. The page previews images for results get generated through the HTML crawled by the search engine for regular web results, and stores the image of the page.

So, the new Smart Search Page Preview Tool delivers two functions. Firstly, it’ll block the image from search results for up to 3 months. This’ll give webmasters all the time they require for fixing content issues. Secondly, it’ll request a refresh of this image. Bing will try to get a new image from the search result page after the issues have been fixed. According to the search engine, any requests need to be checked within 24 hours.

Content publishers are highly interested in the visual representation of their pages in Bing search results. This is in the same manner that they care for their titles and descriptions. Most of the time, Bing requires nothing more than the HTML that their spiders have already crawled during regular routine for creating the page preview image.

Bing is using a special crawler, BingPreview/1.0b for generating latest preview images. When there are user requests for pages that Bing doesn’t have a thumbnail in their cache, they’ll use this special crawler. The search engine has requested users in its blog to allow this crawler access to their pages. Bing has also asked webmasters to display the same content to the crawler as to the human visitors and Bingbot.

With this new Smart Search Page Preview Tool, Bing is looking forward to improve its search results for users.

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