Blocking hackers from Facebook

2.1.2014 Simon Bradley
Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Many people including big companies use Facebook to communicate to their clients. Facebook is also a rich marketing platform used by corporations and individuals to reach out to as many people as possible. This popularity has also attracted hackers who come on Facebook to prey on unsuspecting people socializing online.

Facebook over the years has been trying to offer secure and private social platform online, they have launched various security features that you can take advantage of to be safe while you are on Facebook. These features include; login notifications, most recent activities and secure browsing. You can activate all these features in the security settings.

Login notifications

This is a security feature that notifies you when a foreign device or computer trys to access your Facebook account. This service can be activated at the security section and it has two options to choose from, they are: Sending login notifications to an email address or to a phone number via text message.

Account activity

This method helps to track your activity on Facebook. If a person logged in to your account it will inform you the location and the device used to log in. If you see unfamiliar activity it is time to stop the hacker from using your account unauthorized.

Login approvals

This is a preventive measure and the best among the rest because Facebook will send you a security code to your registered phone number when you try to log in. You are supposed to enter this code to access your account. Access will be denied if the code is wrong. This keeps off hackers because it will be very difficult for them to access this code because they do not have your phone with them.

Enable HTTPS

Facebook in the recent years is only allowing its users to access their account entirely on Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol which makes use of a 128-bit encrypted connection which is more secure.

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