Bridging the gap between IT and marketing

6.6.2014 Rezman Mirsom

Many business heads are now agreed on the fact that for a business to flourish the technology must be put to full use. IT can be a very effective marketing programmer. While this is a fact, easy access to poor technology which are not dependent on IT support only leads to poor interfacing with communication, resulting in non functional relations between IT and marketing.

Business has recognized, albeit at a late stage, that customers are now not dependant on employees on payroll to give them the information they require from the business, as they can use any person using the technology to get their answers. All this means that marketing professionals should learn the technology while the information officers should learn marketing tactics through customer understanding.

Solid partnership between marketing and IT is required for innovating in business and marching ahead. CIO (Chief Information Officer) and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) in any organization needs to come together with goals and metrics shares between the two of them, so that the two departments collaborate extensively and use a common language for business.

We have seen a number of in-fighting scenes going on between IT and marketing, even as people used a shadow IT concept of bringing their own IT, and having recognized the drawbacks of this, more people are now cooperating with each other even as marketing portfolios are now channeled through IT professionals.

It is largely felt that while there may not be a difference in understanding of business needs by IT, the problem lies in the fact that IT teams would like to have reliable systems in place, which means more investment that is loathed by business. The problem is in the fact that business doesn't considered it worth pouring investment into IT over a certain amount. IT also on the other hand takes time to get on stream, while marketing wants speed. If these issues are addressed the gap between IT and marketing can be reduced.

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