Cleaning a virus infected computer

3.1.2014 Daniel Jaramillo

When using computers it is very possible that at one time or another your computer will be infected with a virus. This occurs when you haven't updated your antivirus program for a long time, haven't performed a system scan or you use unprotected computer. These viruses come from the Internet or sometimes by allowing people to use their external memory devices like flash disks on your computer.

If your computer has been infected, here are some tips to help you clean up your computer and get to use it normally:

Once you suspect that your computer is infected it is advisable to remove your computer from any network that it might be connected to. This will stop it from spreading the virus to the other computers. Failure to do this you will have to clean up all the other computers because computer viruses can spread like bush fires.

If you have antivirus software already installed run it to clean up the virus. If you do not have one, download it from an uninfected computer or still you can order for it from a retailer. Once you have it start your computer without connecting it to any network and follow the instructions that come with the antivirus to install it.

After installing the antivirus run the virus scanning software to clean up your computer until it is clean. Afterwards, connect the computer to the Internet and check with the antivirus software publisher for the latest versions and download them. Run the virus scanning a fresh with the new update until your computer is clean. It is advisable to do the same to computers that shared the same network with this one just to make sure that the others are safe and to stop the spread.

Antivirus software has option of a single user or multiple users buy your antivirus software according to the number of computers you have. Always remember to keep your self-protected with good antivirus software instead of buy,ng one when your computers after your computers have been infected. When online, never open attachments from people you do not know because this is the most common way of spreading viruses to as many people as possible.

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