Companies overwhelmingly still use iOS

18.12.2013 Simon Bradley

Well, it’s official: companies still overwhelmingly use iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system in order to launch their custom apps as well as regular commercial applications. And when I say overwhelmingly, I mean 95% of the time, which is a staggering number if you think about billions that Google and Microsoft spend each year on marketing their respective operating systems for use to businesses. As expected, Windows OS is still nowhere to be found in the latest report by Good Technology, which conducted a survey with about 5000 companies worldwide. But on the other hand, a comparative analysis may hint at a popularity boost for Android.

The report did find that companies deployed apps on iOS 95% of the time, but as counterintuitive as it may sound, those are pretty good news for Android. These are only the numbers for the third quarter of 2013, whereas the survey also states that, for the year’s second quarter, iOS was used 98% of the time, meaning Android is gaining more and more friction, and stealing 3% from Apple per quarter isn’t all that shabby. In its report, Good Technology does say that the deployment of apps from Android platform actually tripled from second to third quarter of 2013, but didn’t provide any tangible numbers yet. Overall, this can imply that the companies are getting more and more comfortable with using Google’s operating system in its day-to-day tasks, but it still got a long way to go before coming anywhere near Apple’s numbers. Google’s last year’s acquisition of Motorola should have helped in achieving exactly that, but the tepid sales of Moto X, the company’s much anticipated smartphone, may have done the very opposite.

Survey also reveals that apps which offer document editing comprise more than half of all commercial app deployments, whereas another 20% was made up of apps relating to syncing and file access. Furthermore, tablets are the most popular hardware platform for deploying mobile apps, with more than 80% of them activated via tablets. When it comes to industries most prone to using apps in their businesses, the financial services dominate the survey for both quarters, with almost 38% of all app deployments. Manufacturing is the close second, having the largest incline of activations via iPad. In general, iPads do comprise 90% of all tablet activations, with the remaining 10% going to Android, a 6% drop from the year’s second quarter.

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