Copy Bubble App for Android for Easy Copy Paste Functions

24.7.2014 Simon Bradley

Thousands of Android apps get added to the Google Play store every month. Most of them are designed for entertainment, but many are however quite useful or other important functions. If you regularly need to use the copy-paste function on your Android device, Copy Bubble is an app that can be of great help.

Once you have downloaded the Copy Bubble on your Android smart phone or tablet, the bubble icon will appear on your homescreen. It remains on top of the apps list. Whenever you copy anything onto the clipboard, the text will be saved in the bubble, which could then be easily accessed.

When you copy-paste more and more text from different web pages, all of it will be saved in Copy Bubble, displayed in the form of copied items. It is easy to choose an old item by opening the bubble by checking the box it is stored in. Besides saving text, it can also be used for copy-pasting photos. It is simple to use and is available for free.

A tap on the bubble will display the copy-paste history in a sequential order. It is possible to delete the items or copy them for pasting into another app. Copy Bubble can also allow you to share the items on social sites, send via e-mail or store on Dropbox.

Copy Bubble is a simple but highly useful application for accessing copied text or photos from the clipboard. It is easier to close the bubble from the screen because there is no need to long press it for terminating the feature. It can be closed through a swipe, but a long-press on the home button could also help terminate it.

The copy-paste app for Android takes 1MB of space on your device. Because it remains above all other apps it could be of concern to some users. It is increasingly being used by many Android users, and developers are now trying to eliminate the always-on-top feature of the icon. Once this feature is overcome, it is claimed that Copy Bubble will become the most easy-to-use text clipboard manager available for Android devices.

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