Creating a GMail account

29.11.2013 Rezman Mirsom
Google email service is popularly known as Gmail. This service was started in 2004 as an invite only service but it was later released to the public as a free service. It has gained a lot of popularity over the years because of its enhanced features and easy to use interface. Google being the biggest search engine makes this email service even more popular. To sign up for a free Gmail account follow the following procedure:

Have your computer ready with an Internet connection and visit Gmail's sign up page and select on create account link.

This will open a page where you will be required to input your personal details like your first and last name. Choose your desired user name and search for availability. If the user name is not available take one suggested by the system or change to another one of your choice.

Once you have settled on a user name select a password and it should be at least eight characters. To make it strong enough make use of a combination of letters and numbers.

After you have selected your password select your security question from the list. This question just like the password should be very strong to avoid people to guess it easily and hack on your email address. Create an answer for your question as this is the word you will require in case you forget you password for your password to be reset.

After you enter your date of birth complete the Captcha because this code will be required in validation of your account. Make sure that you enter the letters as they appear on the image or if you have difficulty in reading the letters opt for an audio version. There is also an option of sending a verification code to your personal phone number. Input the code to verify your account.

Read and understand the terms and condition, if you are comfortable with them click accept and have your account created successfully.

You can now start enjoying your Gmail account.

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