Current News Will Soon be on the Forefront on your Facebook Newsfeed

22.9.2014 Benjamin Gubler
Current News Will Soon be on the Forefront on your Facebook Newsfeed
While Twitter was host to a multitude of news pieces, Facebook’s focus was geared towards the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – which did a good job of raising millions for finding the cure for ALS – and the news went absolutely viral on Facebook. Although this is good news for ALS sufferers it means unsuccessful news aggregation on the social front.
Journalists find this a huge problem with Facebook, and it’s easy to understand why; Facebook with close to one billion regular users could easily be used as the most widely used news portal and Facebook is now aiming to live up to peoples’ expectations.
The problem has always been with Facebook’s algorithm, it has always been designed to show you what’s most relevant to you, not what is most relevant to the world or the latest news topics. This means that if a few of your friends partook in the ALS Ice bucket challenge, then this will be pushed to your feed multiple times including highlighted updates from non-friends such as pages and companies as well.
The critique that Facebook has been getting must’ve been heard, since Facebook has announced that changes are being made to the News Feed to be more about all things current.
The changes being made will mean that your Newsfeed will consist of more than just baby photos and hashtags, your Newsfeed will be host to your friends’ comments on the latest news topics and you will get more news pushed to your feed that relates to your favourite pages. This change also means that there will be background decisions made on which news pieces will be pushed to the very top.
These new tweaks could mean that Facebook can position itself to compete with Twitter on their home field – which is the business of breaking news.

The new algorithm aims to push the most important news, whether they are most relevant to you and your friends, or if they have importance on the global or local scale.

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