Data transmission through MIMO technology

4.6.2014 Benjamin Gubler
Data transmission using MIMO has its own benefits. MIMO provides a number of diversified digital modes for data transmission, enhancing the advantages of this technology. Using time diversity, MIMO can transmit pieces of information at various times using diverse timeslots as well as channel codes. It can use diversity in frequencies, using different technologies like OFDM or “spread spectrum”. On the other hand it can use space diversity, using it in its broadest perspective, employing a number of antennas positioned in various locations to make use of various existing radio paths in a given terrestrial situation.

You will thus notice that MIMO is basically based on antenna technology. It employs multiple antennas on both the levels of transmission and receiving, to ensure that a number of signal paths are used for carrying data. Employing different paths for different antennae, which enables usage of multi-signal paths.

One of the important ideas behind MIMO technology is the processing of signal on space-time. Through this the natural dimension of data, be it communication or digital, is harmonized by the inbuilt signal in the use of several antennae spread over a distances. Thus MIMO in fact becomes an localized extension of smart antennas which were in use for a long time for improving the quality of wireless data transmission.

Between a transmitter and a receiver the signal takes various paths, even for slightest change of the position of antennae. This is due to the fact that there are a number of objects which may appear directly on the path or at the side of the signal path between the receiver and transmitters.

Multiple paths had previously been used, that resulted in interference. However, through MIMO these extra signal paths are advantageously used, giving enhanced robust nature to the transmission by radio links, improve noise ratios. or increase the capacity of data linking.

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