Deezer partners with Bose to enter the North American market a second time

6.11.2014 Simon Bradley

Spotify’s French competitor released its paid streaming service in the U.S. and announced it with a partnership with Bose which means they will offer Bose owners a discounted subscription rate while also integrating their software with Bose speakers.


Just a few weeks back, Deezer promoted its first endavor into the U.S. with a partnership with Sonos, so this news might sound familiar to you. The partnership with Sonos was aimed at customers who are all about high-def sounds, and that partnership had Deezer streaming music to Sonos owners for $15 a month in a one off monthly plan.

The partnership with Bose however is more about low-end consumers who don’t need their music as high-def as with Sonos listeners. This deal is aimed at being a mass market launch into the U.S.

Bose and Deezer are still targeting audiophiles but a lot of these consumers are not using paid music services yet, and often don’t ever make the leap because it can be a challenge to link services in the signup process.

To get around this Deezer is preinstalled on all new Bose SoundTouch gear. Deezer goes as far as generating a new account for every new SoundTouch buyer up signup, making Deezer accessible immediately and the only snag is that they are prompted for their credit card details 30 days later. A year of service is only $60 and for that money, customers will get to listen to Deezer on their Bose speakers and through their app and website as well.

The Bose partnership comes with an exclusivity deal which Deezer declined to elaborate on, but we know that Deezer will not be made available to non-Bose consumers as of yet. So why is Deezer making these deals with speaker manufacturers rather than opening the floodgates for mass consumption?

Well apparently the approach that other paid music services have taken doesn’t really target niche music fans, Deezer went on to announce that they will be signing more many similar deals with other audio tech companies.

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