Defining Real Time Text

7.3.2014 Simon Bradley
Real Time text refers to communication through any kind of telecommunication system, which allows users to receive and send messages, as they are being typed, in near or in near-real time. This term is used mainly on the world wide web or Internet connected applications.

Real Time text can be exchanged in two ways, one through bi-directional data transmission using a single delivery service, or circulated. This is known as half-duplex real time text communication, whereas in full duplex real time text, the exchange of data is simultaneously achieved through a circuit or again through a single delivery service. This method of communication is usually done between peers and it is not normally used in broadcasting.

Using a direct path between the destination and the source, despite nodes in the intermediary paths, the data is transmitted to the destination, without being stored in any other hub. In contrast, the other types of exchange of texts involve some kind of storing or caching of text in between the destination and source.

Nowadays this form of texting has been used in various communiqués, like conventional telephone services, mobile services, amateur radio, VoIP, instant-messaging, chatting forums, video and tele-conferencing live, etc. Blogging, for instance, or sending an email involves communications in what is known as a time-shuffling method, through which a noticeable delay is experienced in receipt of the message from the sender, though the sender may not notice it as such.

Application areas outside of two-way communications also include services for the hearing impaired and for captioning or transcribing live events, that could be in different languages.

Business parlance has coined a number of terms for real time texting. These included dedicated lines of communication where only real time texting is possible, CSR or Carrier Sensitive Routing, CTC or Click To Talk, zenware, adapters for analog systems, etc. are all variants used by various corporate and business houses for communicating.

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