Differences between a pager and a mobile phone

13.5.2014 Magdalena Gauci
A pager is a communication device that displays text or numeric messages; it also has the capability to receive messages. There are different types of pagers; a one way pager only receives messages but two way and response pagers receive and can also reply to the original messages.

The functionality of the pager is enabled through one or two fixed transmitters or base stations in the case of a two way pagers. On the other hand a mobile phone can be described as a phone that receives and make calls through a radio link over a wide geographical area.

Mobile phones have advanced over the years and have been installed with features that make them perform various tasks, however pagers are only limited to their functions. Pagers are also known as beepers and tend to “beep” in order to notify the user of a certain message or a voice calls. There are different types of phones and others run on mobile operating systems (smartphones).

One of the differences between a pager and a mobile phone can be elaborated in terms of their features. Mobile phones has installed software responsible for facilitating receiving calls and making calls, text messages, additional features such as camera, built in FM radios, GPRS, GPS et cetera.

The pager is designed to be used in specific locations such as hospitals, industries, fire stations and so on but mobile phones can be used everywhere except areas where it is prohibited e.g. in movie halls or gas stations.

Mobile phones have an advantage when it comes to power supplies since they can be charged through USB connections, car chargers and other rechargeable powerpacks, while pagers only have the option of rechargeable batteries. A pager cannot be traced if stolen or lost but a mobile phone can be traced.

In a nut shell, mobile phones are communication devices that connect through a two way radio communication through different stations known as cell sites. The beeper/pager is a simple communication device that is used to receive short messages.

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