Different sectors of the ITU and their respective missions and activities

8.4.2014 Nicky Herak
The International Telegraph Union (ITU) has three different divisions or sectors. These division are the ITU-R governing Radiocommunication, ITU-T managing Standardization and ITU-D for Development. Each division has its own mission and functionalities.

ITU-R – The ITU Radiocommunication Sector or ITU-R is responsible for managing the global RF spectrum and satellite orbit resources. It will also develop the standards for radiocommunication systems to ensure that the radio frequency spectrum is efficiently used. The Radiocommunication Bureau is the permanent secretariat of the ITU-R, located at the headquarters of the ITU in Geneva.

ITU-T – The ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector or ITU-T is responsible for coordinating the standards for telecommunications. The sector’s mission is to produce telecommunication standards in a timely and efficient manner on a global basis. It will also define the accounting and tariff principles for global telecommunication services.

Today, the ITU-T works through a highly efficient system. It takes not more than a few months between a draft proposal by a member firm and the approval of the ITU-T recommendation. All of this means that the approval process in the standardization of telecommunication principles is capable of meeting the demands of the fast technology development.

The ITU-T publishes the latest recommendations on almost daily basis. Most of their library is now available online for free, and there are more than 3,200 recommendations in the library.

ITU-D – The ITU Telecommunication Development Sector or ITU-D is established for the creation of policies, regulations and financial strategies, and offering training programs in the developing countries. The ITU-D was established in 1992 and its secretariat is known as the Telecommunication Development Bureau.

The functioning of the ITU and its sectors are managed by the General Secretariat with the Secretary General at its head.

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