Do Apps Crash More Often On iOS Than They Do on Android?(Page 1)

6.7.2013 Roberto Arduous

A look by Crittercism

Since I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 5 last November, I honestly have not seen a single app crash on my iPhone. But there is a new study from app-monitoring company Crittercism that shows they have found that apps running on Apple’s latest mobile platform for iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch media players, crash more often or are more prone to do so, when compared to Google’s Android.


Crittercism is a company that delivers basic and business-level app analytics data and crash reporting for app-makers, monitoring software that records app crashes per application launch which then sends data back to application developers for diagnostic purposes. Business magazine Forbes reported that the company had recently monitored data from more than 214 million application launches between the months of November and December 2011. The conclusion to all this data trawling found that apps running on iOS were more likely to crash upon launch when compared to application launches with Android apps.

This is where it gets really interesting: They, Crittercism, break things down according to the percentage of crashes that occur by version of operating system. The basic findings about iOS 5.0.1, or in other words the November “battery drain fix”  update to iOS 5, are straightforwardly conclusive: Apple’s latest release was the record-holder of most application crashes overall at 28.64% (by OS version, normalized). When you add both the launch and update flavors of iOS 5 in combination and that number vaults to 33.44%.

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