EBooks and their importance

11.12.2013 Magdalena Gauci
Electronic books commonly known as eBooks have become one of the most advanced and effective mediums of study and spreading knowledge all over the world. An eBook is simply a book in digital form consisting of texts and images which are readable on various electronic devices like computers, laptops, smart phones, etc. It isn't clear who the person was that published the first ebook, various countries considered different people to be behind this masterpiece. Ebooks have now become an integral part of higher education due to the many advantages that they offer.

The Advantages

There are millions of eBooks available in modern world. Hence a student can get unlimited information regarding any topic and that too with few key strokes on his/her computer or smart phone. Even the option of printing is available which enables to reach out to the books of foreign writers easily and at low cost. EBooks can also be translated into various languages. Thus knowledge is not confined to any particular language or place. Moreover eBooks are available with flexible fonts and displays enabling readers to read them easily and with comfort.

The most important advantage of eBooks are that they are eco friendly and requires much less effort compared to physical books due to requiring practically no raw materials to publish them. Distribution and circulation is also quite easy with the advent of various web technologies. There is no need to go to a book shop, with just few keystrokes one can get them anytime and anywhere. EBook have not only helped in spreading of knowledge and increasing educational levels but have also brought the education of all countries together and made it universal.

One can refer to various books to get deeper insight regarding many topics which not only help people to grow but an entire nation to grow whole together. There are sometimes issues related to copyrights but overall eBooks are an excellent means of spreading knowledge and their popularity are rapidly increasing.

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