Email Marketing - 5 Mistakes which you should never do

6.11.2013 Magdalena Gauci
Email Marketing is one of the effective online marketing strategies wherein you can directly send mails to your viewers regarding your blogs, websites, products and services. Through this marketing scheme, you can directly inbox your messages to your viewers automatically using different services. However, this is not an easy marketing strategy as it seems and most of the people make some common mistakes which do not provide any fruitful results.

The 5 Mistakes - There are five very common mistakes which most of the people commits.
The first and foremost mistake is sending one generic email to all the recipients irrespective of their choice and interest. Such emails are just discarded and often not read. So emails should be sent as per their choice of products and services.

The second mistake which also comes under email etiquette is not using a proper subject line. Most of the emails which are filtered as spam are only because of their improper subject line. Even emails with improper subject line do not interest much the readers and they often ignore it without bothering to open the email. So subject line should short having the right keywords and eye-catchy so that it compels the readers to open and read the email.

The third mistake is promoting products too much in the emails rather than info having values. So the best way is to be neutral and bring out the good aspects of the products and try to come up with the negative aspects which should not be a cause of total rejection of the product by the reader.

The fourth mistake is writing too much content in your emails. In this modern world, everyone wants short, crisp and to the point content. So try to focus on one topic and give links if the reader wishes to gain more info regarding the product.

The fifth mistake which most of the emails have is not including a call to action. You have to make sure that your call to action is bold and appealing. This will encourage them in further purchase.

Thus, proper email marketing will definitely be an excellent marketing strategy and will help in developing positive relationship with the readers if the above common five mistakes are not committed.

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