Essential iOS 7 Apps

4.12.2013 Simon Bradley

Apple App Store is the largest community of developers and applications in the world. Whatever you imagined your phone could possibly do, somebody probably thought of it already, and then made an app for it. So with the unveiling of the new iPhone, and the new iOS7, it has once again come the time to customize your phone with as many necessary and unnecessary features as you heart desires, or you know, your memory can store. But even if you are as unbiased as possible, there are still those apps that are the coolest kids in the playground, and that everybody wants to interact with. Whether their popularity stems from their functionality, the beautifully designed interface, or just the fact that they make hours go by without you noticing, here are the apps you should never leave your iPhone without.

Look, we appreciate that Apple made their own app for maps, but this is one of those things where you just have to go with Google. Google Maps app is free of charge, and it provides much more than just the cartography: it helps you get to your destination by enabling navigation for both driving and walking, and it also provides you with the public transit information and direction, something that Apple’s app still struggles with.

YouTube is still the world’s largest website for videos, but Vine has gained quite a fan base over the last year. The Vine app is free, and allows you to create your very own six seconds video and share it with everyone with just a few simple clicks. On the other hand, when it comes to still photographs, Flickr is still the undisputed master, so get your free Flickr app immediately as well.

When you want all of your files synchronized between all of your devices, Dropbox is the way to go. The app is free, and allows you to access your files without the necessity of being online. Also, it lets you play audio and video files, and view all of your Office documents in a systematic order.

And finally, what would an Apple’s device be without a fitness app? The Moves app however, is trying to push the boundaries of the pedometer-based applications, by not only letting you know how much you’ve been walking and running, but also charting your daily journey wherever you go, so that at the end of the day, next to your caloric and fitness data, you get a visual representation of your movement throughout the entire day.

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