Evolution of Android

4.12.2013 Simon Bradley

With technological innovation and market demand, the number of functions performed by mobile devices has increased. People needed pocket devices that could perform the work of a computer. This motivated phone manufacturers to come up with operating systems that could support computer applications on mobile phone. One of these operating systems is the Android operating system.

The Android operating system is a product of Google Corporation. It is an operating system that was developed based on the Linux operating system. It was first invented by the Android Inc. which was later bought by Google. Android operating system was first unveiled in 2007 and was meant for touchscreen smart phones and tablets.

The first Android operating system release was Android 1.0. This operating system came with several applications that were Internet based. It supported Google applications like YouTube, Gtalk and Google maps. This operating system however, did not support a number of features like the video playback in the media player.

Android version 1.5 was the next release. This was improved as it supported video playback on the media player. It also supported the use of widgets. This saw licensing of third party companies to develop widgets for Android phones. In 2009, the Android 1.6 was released. It succeeded the previous version and supported more application like voice search.

Later in 2009, Android 2.0 and 2.1 were developed. They also had new features like live wallpaper application. In 2010, Android 2.2 was developed. It supported new features like WIFI and USB tethering. Soon Android 2.3 was released. This version allowed users to easily switch between the front and back cameras. This version also had better battery management tools. The next version was Android 3 that was designed to support tablets.

In 2011, Android 4.0 was released. This version was later updated in 2012. 4.0 is a high performance OS that supports many applications. Users could use the Gtalk video chat application with this version. The latest version is Android 4.4 that was released in October 2013.

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