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19.11.2013 Simon Bradley
Facebook, MySpace and Twitter may be the most popular social networking sites today, but they were not as commonly used a few years ago as Orkut was. Therefore, the huge popularity of Facebook and Twitter today is not a guarantee that the sites are going to remain so in the future. Here is a list of some new social networking sites that redefine how you use social sites and hold the potential for changing the leaders in the industry.

Does Facebook pay you for posting your photos and videos? Pheed does if you are ready to subscribe to their monthly packages. Their subscription starts at $1.99, enabling subscribers to get access to a treasure of content, images, audio, video and live broadcasts. You can already find a significant number of celebrities on the site.

When was the last time your online network helped you with deciding the matching shirt to your jeans? Thumb is a social site that lets you upload you photo and get hundreds of comments along with Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down from the users. In other terms, you’ll be crowdsourcing the decision. Thumb helps generate a level of engagement that is difficult to find in the current-generation social sites. It is expected to grow dramatically in 2013 and in near future.

Social network sites have made it easier for anyone to create an account, and share almost any type of information. Medium is a new social site that’s an invitation-only social network. Medium focuses on cautiously created content from users who have something more meaningful and useful to share. It’s more like a carefully edited blog network. There’s limitation on the number of users, but everyone on the network has access to the content and can comment.

These are the three high-potential social networking sites that could define the industry in the near future. They're unique, offer lesser limitations and more focus on quality content whether of textual or other media nature. They are unique, and give an entirely different experience with more flexibility, and some of them could even pay you for sharing your materials.

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