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12.11.2013 Magdalena Gauci

YouTube is a video-sharing site on the Internet that contains news, tutorials, reviews, movie trailers, music releases, and almost every type of audio visual material that one can think of. It is a good form of advertising for banks and companies too!

Since YouTube is a part of Google and is also free of cost, it is the most widely used channel to communicate through videos. It has over a million users, and billions of videos uploaded on it!

One uses YouTube for a number of purposes. They can take tutorials on topics related to their studies as well as extra-curricular activities. Any user can learn to play a musical instrument through YouTube, learn new recipes, gets reviews and tips on various subjects. People planning to travel or study in different countries may watch videos on weather conditions, reviews from travel journalists and chefs, basic living conditions, economic conditions – you name it and you get it!

YouTube is an excellent platform for filmmakers, producers, artists and musicians to showcase their upcoming releases, trailers, albums and the like. They not only advertise this way with the help of YouTube, but also ascertain people’s responses towards it.

The only requirement to get started with YouTube is a Google ID, and the process of interfacing with the world begins. You have the option to mark certain videos to watch later, create a playlist of your favourite videos, and also ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ videos. This is helpful since the user can get an idea on occurrences and events, as well as that of any other ordinary Internet user.

Communicate with the world with vblogging

The need to express one’s opinions and share it with a large number of people gave rise to blogging. Soon after the popularisation of blogging, the term “vlogging” was introduced. vlogging is a form of audio-visual communication. People can share their thoughts on anything they’d like to: from their response to world events to the daily activities of their pets.

You can spend hours together on the Internet, watching a bunch of educational as well as recreational videos. YouTube truly brings the whole world in a capsule to your computer screens.

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