Features of popular desktop computer text editors

17.6.2014 Magdalena Gauci
Coda, a web development application was first released in 2007. The editor features a licensed variant of the SubEthaEdit engine to enable the sharing of documents. The Find/Replace system in Coda allows you to perform complex replacements using methods similar to standard expressions.

One of the features of Coda is that it can recognize comment tags in several syntaxes, known as bookmarks. Bookmarks let you jump to corresponding text lines from any location in the editor with a click on the link within the Code Navigator. Coda's developers have decided to keep the application Mac only.

Microsoft Notepad – Notepad was designed as a built-in text editor for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It has become an integral part of all Windows operating systems since 1985. This text-only editor creates files saved with a ".txt" extension. The files don’t have any format styles or tags, which makes Notepad ideal for editing system or source code files.

Notepad2 – Notepad2 comes with features for syntax highlighting for several programming languages including ASP, C, C++, C#, CSS, Java, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Python, VB, XML, XHTML and SQL among others. Another a feature of Notepad2 is that it allows syntax highlighting for different file formats like INF, BAT, REG, INI, DIFF and configuration files.

Some of the other features of Notepad2 include auto indentation, multiple redo/undo, bracket matching, expression-enabled find and replace, encoding conversion between UTF-8, UTF-16 and ASCII formats. It also supports newline conversion among DOS, Mac and Unix formats.

Notepad++ - Notepad++ is a text and source code editor that supports many languages. It has drag and drop features, tabbed document interface and many clipboards. Other features of the text editor include spell checker, split screen editing, and support for text encoding formats like Unicode.

Notepad++ has a find and replace feature that could be used over several documents. An advanced feature of Notepad is that its possible to compare files.

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