Five important benefits of GIS

4.4.2014 Simon Bradley

GIS is beneficial to every organization irrespective of it being connecting with travel and cartography or not. People have started realizing the variety of business and strategic value that GIS can offer to business.

The benefits of GIS include cost savings contributing to improved efficiency. GIS can help to optimize daily vehicle fleets to transport employees or deliver products, and enable to monitor their movements. When GIS is properly implemented, a business can save upto 10% of the costs, as there will also be increased productivity.

Secondly it helps in decision making. Since it provides location details, users will be able to make better decisions in areas such as selecting real estate property, route selections, conservation, planning of evacuation, extracting natural resources, etc.

Thirdly, it helps in improving communication. GIS maps help to correctly visualize and can improve communications between team members who have access to accurate information in order to reach the required goals.

Fourthly, GIS can help in better record keeping. Businesses need to maintain proper records about any changes of location, present status and the surrounding geography of their workplace. With GIS they can build an efficient framework for managing this kind of information, even as GIS will provide you fully equipped support and tools for keeping records and updating them.

Finally, the technology will help in better understanding about the things that are currently happening and can help in determining what will happen in particular areas. Once we are aware of these details, we can take corrective action so that our work does not suffer. Thus managing geographically has become the latest trend in business transaction. This has completely transformed the way we work.

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