ForestDB to be the new storage system for Couchbase

6.11.2014 Rezman Mirsom

ForestDB is a ner data store by Couchbase. ForestDB was created to make Couchbase’s NoSQL database tools faster and more efficient. ForestDB has been built open-source and mobile devices and SSD’s were the main focus when it was being built.

Couchbase is a NoSQL seller and it has built a new data-store called ForestDB which will enhance future versions of their database services, and they say it’s quicker than Google’s LevelDB and Facebook’s RocksDB.

ForestDB is in beta mode at the moment and it will not be added in the 3.0 version of the company’s Couchbase Server which they have said they will release soon.

Couchbase has been directed at enhancing database capabilities for portable applications for a long time, and ForestDB does not intend to end that. According to them, the technology was designed with the aim of boosting efficiency and performance on portable devices and SSD’s.

IForestDB was five times as fast as LevelDB and RocksDB on both HDD’s and SSD’s, and was even faster than that when put up against SQLite.

They have also said that ForestDB is four times more efficient than both LevelDB and RocksDB. They claimed that this was a critical improvement since the less the drive is taxed on each transaction the longer it will survive and work.


Space is becoming extremely cheap and storage efficiency is off the back burner as a result but of course there is a logical end to just how much space you can use without optimizing efficiency and although ForestDB isn’t really meant to be a project or technology to beat out other companies, they can guess that storage efficiency is on the rise again and are hoping to enter the market before it’s flooded. Since this is one of those things that developers love to build on, the company has stated that if a community sprung up around it that they are happy to help.


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