Goals of Marketing and IT

16.6.2014 Simon Bradley

When the goals of marketing and IT are reduced to a common platform, the differences between IT and marketing professionals can to an extent decrease, but the fact is that it is not an easy proposition. There is a need to get rid of stereotypes and bring about a process of education, and it should be mandatory for one team resisting from commenting upon the work of another team in the business place.

When dealing with business matters, the security of documents is a major concern. IT believes in maintaining high security. This need not be a disturbing factor to marketing men. Rationalization, consolidating and ensuring that there is only one version of truth, can help the IT and marketing to come together, as the goals of Marketing and IT are same in a business environment, which is of propelling the business.

When IT believes in keeping the key database of customers are kept in some CIOs desktop or in the cloud or on a server, it can be detrimental to business interests. When you open up the database to scalability, through a datacenter possibly, where the information can be backed up, adhering to best practices of IT, you are more at ease in partnering the marketing and IT in reaching their goals.

IT requires distinguishing itself from infrastructure projects, which are time consuming and long to take shape, through separating them from the latest enterprise resource planning activities, which brings returns over a period of number of years. Distinguish these from high return low level quick applications which only cater to a faster returns. Such quick term applications are known in IT circles as IT Lite.

It is therefore incumbent on IT to know that it is not necessary to define, specify or over-engineer every application, to integrate into the corporate systems of IT. IT consumerisation merely exhibits that applications in IT can be short-term and simple ones, to sustain only a few weeks of campaigning.

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