Google Index – Tips on How To Get Indexed Faster

6.7.2013 Fabian Rendon
Having your website registered on Google’s indexes will have your site indexed much faster. To do this, I have stated in my earlier articles, you will need to visit the “Google Index Page” and add your site there. In this first step, your site will be examined by real people and not by bots, and the indexing procedure will be realized.

The most important index that Google supports is “Dmoz”. Registering on Dmoz is slightly hard and time consuming. For your site to be on Dmoz it needs to be at a level where it can compete with other sites in the same field by being productive and unique. When registering to Dmoz the most important thing is to pay close attention to the category and language. 

Another method would be to get a certificate for your site. Just like companies in the real world acquiring “TSE” and “ISO” certificates that show that they are trustworthy and safe companies, for websites these certificates will also be a success for you. Also, upon reception of the certificate, it would be much easier to be indexed on Google. Te most popular of these certificates are;

1. W3C: Design certificate.

2. Hackersafe: Safety certificate.

3. Altin Orumcek(Golden Spider): Upon receiving this reward and certificate, site owners can add this to their sites and attract the attention of the Google bots. Also, the sites that have these certificates are privileged on Google.

Along with these you can also compose a “sitemap” and by sending it to Google, can have your site indexed much faster. By going to this site you can create a new “sitemap” file. To compose a file you can go to the “sitemap.xml” site and do so there. Don’t forget to verify this as Google needs this from you and also don’t forget to send this to Google and add it to your index. These types of applications are very beneficial to your site.

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