Google+ is the Pinterest for Men, Pinterest is the Google+ for Women Confusion Ensues

6.7.2013 Benjamin Gubler

Confusion Ensues


I love how when I’m sitting at the office beside my female coworkers, doing the same job and the same things and just thinking of how different their browser histories would be compared to mine. I came across some info that might enhance my abundantly redundant thoughts; apparently gents love Google , while women are really into Pinterest.

This last weekend, we received some amazing stats from various tech sites: Apparently, more than 97% of social photo-sharing site Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women. While a lot of the site’s 10.4 million registered users are men, its key demographic has been statistically proven to be women between the ages of 18 and 34.

A quick glance through the site finds plenty of photos illustrating beautiful design and fashion, which — though not solely the interests of women — certainly attracts a mighty share of them. surmises that 83% of Pinterest’s users are female. (Side note: Oddly enough, the story is varies only in the U.K., where the majority of the site’s 200,000 users are men.)

If Pinterest is a stylish cosmopolitan woman browsing through home decor magazines, Google is the far-from-fashionable software engineer staring at a sheer white screen. As a matter of fact, software engineers actually make up the lion share of the social networking site’s user-base, second only to college students who would latch on to anything for a bit more socializing.

Overall, two-thirds of the people using Google are men, according to data compiled by The company believes the fact that Google is closely integrated with other Google products popular with young men, namely Android and Gmail, make it appealing to guys.

Oh, in case you were thinking of Facebook (who wasn’t?), the site is quite balanced between 55% women and 45% men, whereas most Twitter users are male.

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